Brandon Dillman Leadership Studies Portfolio


Work Experience

I have served in multiple jobs over the past five years ranging from being a Cashier an Arby's restaurant to a Houseman at Castle Pines Golf Club in Castle Rock, Colorado, to serving as Youth Pastor at Potosi Baptist Church.  Every job I have served in has been a building block in forming me to who I am and my work ethic.  Positions I have held that involve leadership responsibilities are:
  • Family Christian Stores: July 2011 through October 2012.  I began as a Sales Associate and within two months was promoted to Sales Floor Leader.  In March of 2012, I was promoted to the Inventory Control Specialist, which also doubles as the third-in-command.  When it was announced that our store was closing, we lost both the Manager and Assistant Manager during the closing process.  For two months I filled the role of the store manger.  In the 16 months of employment at this store, we ranked within the top 10 of 300 stores every month, including five months within the top 5.  We also ranked number one within our district of nearly 20 stores every month.  
  • Potosi Baptist Church: March 2011 through May 2012.  I served as the Youth Pastor for Junior and Senior High School students.  I was in charge of teaching, organizing events and fund raisers, and leading Youth volunteers.
  • Mardel Christian Education and Supply: October 2012 through Present.  I currently serve as a Customer Service associate.  My main responsibilities involve: operating cash registers, Bible imprinting, creating and filling special orders, and assisting customers.

Career Goals

Since High School, I believe that I am being called into serving in Church Ministry.  Though I do not know exactly what aspect of Church Ministry I will serve in, I desire greatly to serve with all that I am in any capacity.  My biggest passions within Church Ministry would fit with College-age students, young Singles, and discipling individuals and families.

I hope to use my education in Psychology and Leadership to prepare me to serve in a Church-staff position to disciple, counsel, and teach in a Gospel-focused manor.  

I desire to serve both inside and outside the walls of the church building.  The Church cannot and should not be contained within a building, and I desire lead and motivate the Church to serve the community in which we live.

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