Brandon Dillman Leadership Studies Portfolio

Bike Ride Across Texas

For May-term 2013, I participated in the Leaderships Studies workshop class to plan and carry out a bike ride across the state of Texas.  In January, our group of six Leadership Studies students were presented the task of planning this project which we built from the ground up.  Throughout the spring semester we worked to fund-raise and plan out details such as: food, transportation, bikes, route, lodging, etc.

This project was two-fold: not only was this a class but we also worked to raise money to give to Fitness programs for elementary students in the Abilene Independent School District.  On the ride, we spent a day in Abilene talking to students in Austin, Taylor, and Lee Elementary schools about living a healthy and active life.

After a semester of preparation, we left on May 11 for El Paso, where we began our ride.  It took us eight days of riding to span the state: El Paso to Texarkana.  With much effort and teamwork, we completed the first half of the trip, El Paso to Abilene, one day ahead of schedule.  See our route.

This trip was a great experience.  We were well prepared through our planning, and we faced minimal conflict, and when we did face conflict we were quickly able to address the issues.  We all gained greatly through this time of bonding as a team and have formed stronger relationships amongst the group.

Image taken at the top of the Guadalupe Mountain pass

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